About me

I am a self-identified elder millennial. Married. 1 kid. Cats. Military retiree. I'm a fan of flat caps, cast iron cooking, and web technologies. Oh, and my sourdough starter's name is "Specimen Gamma".

Portrait of Roy

I'm open to work!

  • Hi all! I am seeking a remote engineer position that can leverage a unique history of IT experience with several years of developing web applications.
  • I've worked most recently with JavasScript, TypeScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby but am game to learn other scripted languages.
  • Most importantly, I am all about making positive impact at organizations that see inclusivity as a strength rather than an obligation.

If you have room on your team and need someone that can contribute beyond just code, hit me up!

I also have a small recipe site that I promise does not contain any annoying stories!