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Shifting from SharePoint to open standards web development. Interested in making information findable so that it can inform, enrich, and empower.


Real life



I am currently transitioning out of active duty military.

Although my service obligation is officially over on May 1st, 2018, I will be available for full-time employment mid-February 2018. In the meantime, please feel to contact me!

About Me

My name is Roy. After almost 20 years in the military, I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life. Going into web development may be a huge change but I have years of unique skills developed while serving. During my time in service, I have been a videographer, a network communications technician, team leader, and have worked in and out of my career field fulfilling a variety of roles. I have also spent the last several years as a content manager and SharePoint administrator.

I recently finished a Bachelor’s in IT and am enrolled in Udacity’s front end web develoment nanodegree with an expected graduation of December. I know that there is much more to learn and will not stop there!

Why the shift?

Going from SharePoint to web design is no small shift. I can say that my work with the ECM has inspired me to take the path towards web development using open standards.

  1. I want to create. My role as a SP admin in my organization consists mainly of configuring components- administering permissions groups, adding custom columns to lists, building workflows in SP designer, etc. All of these are mainly pointing and clicking through menus and filling out forms. I delight in the times that I had to find ways to make SP’s interface look or behave differently. Using CSS and jQuery, I learned how to manipulate elements on a page so that they looked and behaved in a more productive manner than out of the box. Over time, I found myself wanting to do this more than working within the menus.

  2. I want to work with open standards. Whether they are open source or common standards set by a board, I prefer that the technologies that I work with does not require any proprietarty software to access. As an admin and a web citizen, I have had run-ins with proprietary web interfaces that excluded users simply because they require a specific technology or configuration. Flash, Java (especially when one needs an outdated JRE to run an applet!), Active-X, and DoD PKI implementation have all done their part through the years to impede and frustrate. Indirectly, they also inspire- there must be more technology-agnostic means to accomplish the same goals.

  3. A system is not a goal; it is a means to an end. It should only expose the user to the level of complexity that is needed so that the user can achieve a desired outcome. During my time as a SP admin, our organizations hardly tapped the full potential of what SharePoint has to offer. However, because of its sheer size as an ECM, users had to deal with some needlessly confusing concepts in order to collaborate on it(content -vs- display for starters!). By changing from an admin to a web designer, I have more control over the amount of the system I expose to the user.