Moving to a Digital Garden

Published: Thu, Jan 18, 2024


Many areas in my life overlap. My coding, cooking, gardening, carpentry, and art all bleed into each other in numerous ways. My Obsidian vaults (Obsidian term for self-contained group of files markdown and supporting attachments - I'll just refer to them as journals or notebooks) are starting to demonstrate this as my daily activities broaden with new activities that I wish to capture/research. As an elder goblin with a variety of interests, I also feel the need to connect to community and most of that is done in earnest. Some of my interests are niche and the world is wide. I could attract some like minds eventually, with a wide enough net. I figure that sharing my thoughts or creative endeavors as they evolve is a good balance between screaming into the void every time I need a new job and me just simply living my life, too busy to publish finished articles.

I have several sites that I maintain that focus on specific domains. I have a tech blog where I've shared 1/10th of 1% of my thoughts because I feel that everything there needs to be polished to be presentable for employment opportunities. You'll note that only publish between jobs. That's a waste of space and smells needy. I also have a recipe site that, while infrequently updated, I reference with some regularity. I like that much more but there is still friction in getting it updated. Not terribly much - but enough. I have to open VS Code and edit markdown files. I then have to push my changes to a repo on Github that is in turn pulled in by Netlify. They compile it and if there are no problems, the deploy an updated static website. I get ahead of myself though…


I want a public digital garden that I can tend. This garden would share my current thoughts and doings. Each entry would be a living entity that I could cultivate or neglect as my interests guide me. I would love to write in my digital journal and then have designated files automatically publish to the aether. I think that this approach better represents who I am as a person, artist, developer, gardener, etc. and support a learning in public approach to self-improvement. I will still continue to journal about all aspects of my life, so I'll give myself ability to not publish specific content without having to keep it cordoned off. Public or private, my content would all be managed from the digital journals.

Current Friction Points

Technical Components of My Digital Garden

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Portrait of Roy

I'm open to work!

  • Hi all! I am seeking a remote engineer position that can leverage a unique history of IT experience with several years of developing web applications.
  • I've worked most recently with JavasScript, TypeScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby but am game to learn other scripted languages.
  • Most importantly, I am all about making positive impact at organizations that see inclusivity as a strength rather than an obligation.

If you have room on your team and need someone that can contribute beyond just code, hit me up!